Below is a listing of the services we offer

Asphalt and concrete: Asphalt patching and restriping, pothole repairs, installation and repair of parking bumpers and sign poles, sidewalk patching, curb reforming/repairs.

Construction/Installations:  Construction of demising walls, space spliting and ADA restroom construction, tenant improvement construction, complete office/store reconfiguration.  Construction management. CMS is a licensed contractor.

Electrical: New electrical service, power distribution, all lighting installations/repairs and maintenance (including parking lot light bulb replacement), and monument sign troubleshooting and refurbishing. Click on Repairs to the left of this page

Landscaping: In addition to maintaining all lawns and foilage in top condition, our landscaping crew is trained at identifying and reporting other potential problems needing attention.  They are commonly referred to as the eyes and ears of the landlord.  Contracted monthly landscape maintenance or seasonal tree trimming.

Painting: Our painting crew can tackle something as large as complete exterior painting of a 100,000+ sf shopping center, or something as small as a single office suite.  For apartment owners or commercial buidlings with high turnover, we offer a flat rate “tenant turnover” serivice that cannot be beat.  In addition, we offer a 24 hour graffiti removal service that can virtually eliminate graffiti vandalism through quick and consistent action.

Repairs: The CMS repair crew is effecient at all phases of building and common area repairs including: Parking bumpers and signs, asphalt stencils, stucco patching, repair of building details (tiles, moldings, etc.), plumbing repairs, monument sign repair/refurbishment, trash enclosures.

Steam cleaning/Pressure washing:  The maintenance and cleaning of a properties sidewalks and concrete is one of our primary functions (click on Steam Cleaning/Pressure Washing to the left of this page).